Community Involvement

A short summary of some of our community involvement projects, both local and international by our alumni.

ITL (ALICT) local involvement together with our local development outreach and empowerment program, ‘Thando Project during the last couple of years:

  • Trauma: Assisting mothers who have lost children through gangster violence.
  • Trauma: A camp (trauma healing journey) and follow up conversations for 10 girls in Kayamandi who are dealing with sexual violence.
  • Trauma: Support to a family (and especially the victim) dealing with gangrape.
  • Training: 4 day training for staff at a non profit serving youth in Kayamandi, to equip them to better facilitate learning for the kids they serve.
  • Service learning: 5 community projects by visiting students linked to youth from Kayamandi in Kayamandi.
  • Service learning: A week of Service by kids in Atlantis, Cloetesville, Vredenburg, Chicago (Wellington) and Smarty Town (Stellenbosch).
  • Service learning: Service at an old age home in Wellington by youth.

Leadership training: work done in Leadership of, coordination, training facilitation at ITL ALICT

  • 3 month ALICT training 2022

We are having another special cohort of 26 participants representing 28 countries. In total emerging leaders from 111 countries are now serving in community work. The 3 month intense training program is held at Le Bac, Wellington.

  • Short Trainings highlights

The different projects are doing well in growing into a combination that reach the goal we have to serve “more people in more places” through alumni using short training sessions as tools for transformation. The projects include mentoring with financial support of such trainings, a trainer support group (62 alumni), input and continued learning through webinars and development of short training material:

  • Support of alumni who organise or facilitate training was again done by helping alumni to design and think through their training interventions and provision of tools and resources towards bringing transformation in their communities. Support ranges from material, design and linking with other alumni. 
  • Short Trainings (ST) supported (through e.g. the “Support Scheme” funding) or developed or facilitated included:

Cuba, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Ukraine, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Lesotho, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Guinea Conakry and Benin.

  • Topics covered included: Community Transformation, Leadership Training, Business & Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Community Transformation, Business – Work as Worship, Safety for Children, Community Transformation vs violence and vandalism, Transformation of Marriage and Family, Health and Hygiene, Community Transformation and the Church, Youth and Transformation.
  • Alumni member plans include serving women and children who are abused (lawyer from Guyana who also facilitates counselling), running a school for Vietnamese refugees in Cambodia, outreach and support to women who are physically (incl. sexually) and emotionally abused in Morocco, establishing a ministry that trains and support Christian schools in Indonesia, church led community projects in Mexico, re-training of teachers to improve education and impact the lives of teachers and learners (psychologist in education, Togo).
  • Marketplace Generosity 2019: a retreat for business people in Antananarivo, later followed by service work where their families joined (at a facility for 67 girls awaiting trial or who have been taken from their families due to domestic violence and neglect). Facilitation of conversations to establish a foundation in Madagascar to support work in Madagascar, with some first initiatives at the above mentioned home for girls.

Alumni Support highlights

Alumni XTeams in 8 cities who proactively meet, support each other and take on projects together. Alumni in Ukraine e.g. facilitated a workshop together to help people who face very challenging circumstances. X-Teams are now active in Nairobi, Antananarivo, Abidjan, Cotonou, San Salvador, Kiev, Accra and Rio.

The impact through the work of alumni is amazing. An alumnus from Mozambique was the point person to supply food and help to 10 000 people after the devastation of houses and crops of cyclone Idai. An alumnus from Burkina Faso is taking leadership in front line support to the church after the attacks on and killing of leaders. This includes organising shelter, food and education. An alumnus from Malawi is now the Chief Whip of the opposition in Parliament.