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Transformational Leadership

It is time to see leaders who can facilitate effective interdependent and interdisciplinary partnerships; leaders that challenge locals to leave the walls behind them to become centres of outreach in their neighbourhood; and leaders who stand up for justice, servanthood and stewardship in government, science and the marketplace.

About ITL

The Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) trains innovative leaders from all over the world and equips them to facilitate transformation as leaders, serving from different sectors and communities.


Our Programs

ITL serves a movement of transformation leaders committed to integrity and to serving their communities.


Through the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (ALICT), emerging leaders interact with other leaders active in spheres of influence other than their own, and exchange insights on how best they might transform their current and future contexts.



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A mentorship program which start from the ALICT program, but follows for years afterwards.

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Connecting and equipping the ALICT-alumni network all over the world through various platforms.

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Your donation, prayer and help will support the development of our next leaders as well as their communities.

Alumni Testimonies

A gathering of a few persons from different cultures, nations and environments that will impact their communities holistically and actively. They are gathered for learning from each other, for learning from experience and for knowing more about who they are. They get to know their calling and learn how to be Kingdom builders through serving.
ALICT is a like a garage where people come to be serviced. By the time you leave the garage, you can’t recognize yourself because of the changes that have taken place in you, both inside and outside.
ALICT is a tool in God’s hand to shape the destiny of individuals and nations.
Changed forever my life! The most amazing experience in all the meanings spiritual, relationships, now I can feel how I grew there, about knowledge leadership in my community, how to organize a project, to treat people and understand them.
This is very important and touches so deeply,

Since 2004

By grace we have been privileged to equip and train hundreds of participants since 2004.

Emerging leaders from 111 countries have participated in ALICT, sharing cultures and perspectives.