About Us

Who we are

The Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) trains innovative leaders from all over the world and equips them to facilitate transformation as leaders serving different sectors and communities. Through the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (ALICT), emerging leaders interact with other leaders active in spheres of influence other than their own, and exchange insights on how best they might transform their current and future contexts.

Our vision and mission aim at seeing communities in Africa and beyond transformed through a new generation of leaders seeking to serve and live called lives, by empowering them to facilitate sustainable transformation towards healthy reconciled communities based on holistic and Biblical principles*.

Emerging leaders from 111 countries have participated in ALICT, sharing cultures and perspectives. These include doctors, lawyers, psychologists chefs, teachers, and professors; from pastors, business owners, and those working in corporates to farmers, journalists, artists, and non-profit leaders. Skills have been taught, new insights gained, and relationships fostered.

Our foundation brings the depth of character; our approach is as much about being as doing. Our alums are leaders with genuine character and the ability to facilitate transformation and not just transactional activities.

How we Started

In obedience to God’s call a unique learning experience for young, innovative and entrepreneurial leaders based on experiential learning started. Beginning in 2004, the first 3-month school was hosted near Cape Town in 2004 and as it developed the 3-month learning experience grew into something wider ITL was born.

This Is Why

ITL held a training program, ALICT, the first international training program of its kind. Utilizing material, practical experiences and methodology, it works to create a unique community of Christian practitioners who will lead and influence in every sector of society.

What We Believe

We believe that true transformation of communities and ultimately society as a whole is only done in the power of Christ and by means of a holistic approach to life, faith and leadership. Through an intensive communal living experience, during the training program, students are exposed to world views from an average of 26 different nations on a daily basis.


Our vision is to see communities and nations in Africa and all around the world transformed through a new generation of Christian leaders.


Our mission is to empower emerging leaders to facilitate sustainable transformation towards healthy reconciled communities based on biblical principles.

Core Values


To lay down our lives, desires, pursuits and rights to lead those God has called us to. Putting their needs before our own.


Be committed to lean on one another, to stay accountable as Christian leaders, to ask for help and to be vulnerable in community with each other.


To love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love and care for our neighbour as we would ourselves.


To communicate, to stay connected, to get feedback and thoughts from others before we take action, to value people more than tasks and accomplishments, to share worship, struggle, success and life together.


To innovate, to explore, to live free from the fear to fail, to push ourselves artistically, intellectually, and spiritually, to break free from the confines of conventional paradigms related to our professional fields, faith, leadership and lifestyle.

Theory of Change

The basic structure of how ITL works