Become a Sojourner Volunteer at ALICT


Project / Program / Event: ALICT 2024

Project Goals: To empower 25-30 emerging Christian leaders to be agents of Kingdom transformation in their communities during and after a 3-month experience in South Africa.

Position: Sojourner

Online / In person: In Person

Location: Le Bac, Wellington / Paarl, South Africa

Once off / Repeat / Ongoing project: Once-off with the possibility of future repeat.

Hours / Day: 6 – 10

Hours / Week: 30 – 60

Start and End Date: Arrival 22 / 23 / 24 July,
Departure 21 / 22 / 23 October 2024

3 months residential and 3 to 6 months online

22 / 23 / 24 July 2024

21 / 22 / 23 October 2024

Applications close:

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Facilitate and participate in a discipleship journey with a small group (3-5members) as well as with individuals (3-5 max) during ALICT and online monthly for 6 months post ALICT.
  • Facilitate small group as a community and individual members growth and support by others weekly during ALICT and online monthly for 6 months post ALICT.
  • Transfer skills and tools used in disciple-Sojourning and small group operation and facilitation
  • Compile notes and reports for individual and group interactions
  • Serve in basic mentor, coach, counselling, consulting / advising roles as best appropriate to the context as well as building on personal strengths
  • Serve as part of other related teams and take on tasks or roles agreed to with relevant responsible team coordinator (e.g. tasks around setting up for Opening or Closing Ceremonies)
  • Participate in and contribute to weekly staff meetings on e.g. empowerment, process, program, participant care, etc.
  • Assess each small group member for feedback, ongoing growth and certification

Skills, experience, and competencies requirements:

  • Be on a holistic discipleship journey and have experience of discipling others.
  • Basic mentor, coach, counselling, consulting / advising skills (listen, ask questions, analyse, communicate).
  • Reflect and evaluate (existing evaluation tools), co-discover, and implement improvements, report (verbal and written).
  • Communication skills in English (e.g. one on one conversation, it is important to be able to communicate using abstract and practical terms, planning clarity).
  • Commitment to seek to follow Jesus, be an example of discipleship, servant leadership, and give your best in extra mile service. Also, to the ITL Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Current season of emotional and spiritual and physical health and vitality with base to deal with diversity and disagreement / conflict.
  • Be vulnerable, take responsibility and achieve goals, speak the truth in love and ask for help.
  • Expect the unexpected, be open to keep on discovering (grow, learn) and to serve outside the picture established before as an ALICT participant (i.e looking from “the outside” as ALICT volunteer  staff ).
  • An international driver’s licence and ability / willingness to drive would be beneficial but not required.

Other relevant information:

  •  International transport, local work-related transport, as well as accommodation and food is the responsibility of ITL ALICT.
  • A valid passport with 3 unused pages and expiry date at least 6 months after your return, please apply for a new passport ASAP if needed.
  • Participating in the empowering and equipping (with aspects of care and supervision) for the role in the 2 months prior to ALICT will be expected. 
If you experience any difficulties completing the online form please send an email to